Easy to Pick Up,
Hard to Put Down

Tenet is a surprisingly deep puzzle game
built around a delightful drag & drop core.

Before long, you’ll find yourself in a kind
of effortless flow state, combining simple
elements in novel ways, discovering new
patterns, and thinking strategically.

Early Access
Calming and stimulating all at once.
It scratches an itch in my brain.

Drag & Drop Never
Felt So Good

It’s the subtle haptics that make your
screen feel like a textured surface.

It’s the light acceleration that helps you
reach the top without stretching.

It’s the satisfying clunk when a piece
slides into the right place.

It’s a thousand little details that make an
everyday experience sublime.

The haptics are 😙👌

Unique Puzzles.
Every Single Day.

Nice & easy on Monday, fiendishly tricky
by the weekend. Play as many times as
you want and try to get a perfect score!

Then browse the archives and try your
hand at puzzles from the past.

It’s the absolute perfect game to
play while I listen to a podcast.
Mono Rainbow.Slash Rainbow Color

In Glorious Technicolor! 
Or… Not.

Pick from a suite of beautiful themes,
each in color or monochrome.

Sometimes You Just Want To Chill

Maybe you’re not in the mood for a tricky
puzzle. Maybe the last thing your brain
wants to do right now is strategize.

You just want to kick back with your totes
fave game for a drag drop & chill sesh.

We’re not old! You’re old!

We have a thing for that. It’s called
Relaxing Mode.

Available Now in Early Access

Early Access